Voice Recognition

Past Presidents

We Salute our SNA Utah Past Presidents

The School Nutrition Association of Utah gratefully recognizes our past presidents for their contributions in leadership to our state Association and to the Child Nutrition profession.
These individuals have consistently promoted the highest standards for child nutrition programs, provided leadership in training and professional development, and have made it a point to communicate the important issues facing our industry and the common concerns of our members.
 Jerie Ortez
 Kathy Torok
 Angela Bentley
 Sebasthian Varas
 Pam Tsakalos
 Paula Loveland
 Kathleen Britton
 Park City
 Kelly Orton
 Salt Lake City
 Delene Coates
 South Sanpete
 Sharon Stucki
 Bill Vest
 Jan Turley
 Analee Knudsen
 South Sanpete
 Teri Chatterton
 Edie Esplin
 Jeneane Warren
 Lynda Payne
 Tammy Jorgensen
 North Sanpete
 Tammy Hoger
 Susan Orgill
 Ilene Carter
 Judy Anderson
 Sharon Stucki
 Joyce Weaver
 Linda Burrell
 Sharon Patten
 Diana Albiston
 Salt Lake City
 Judy Grint
 Beverly Story
 Gale Ladwig
 Salt Lake City
 Laura Berry
 Joyce Jensen
 Karen Pace
 Carla Lewis
 Mary Grange
 Ethel Gibson
 Irene Griffiths
 Salt Lake City
 Ethel Rae Ivie
Mae Hansen